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UCC is Milwaukee, Wisconsin's leading provider of small business PBX and IP-PBX Telephone Systems. We work with a variety of phone system manufacturer's which ensures your business gets the system that meets your specific needs within your budget. We take the time to understand how your business communicates, and then we offer multiple phone system options that meet your organization's communication goals. This approach lets you decide which system meets your functional, operational and budgetary requirements.

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Traditional PBX Phone System

UCC's traditional PBX systems enable communications to be easily managed over your businesses data network. A full line of messaging and call control applications enable unified phone and voicemail features along with flexible call routing for both single and multi-site small businesses. Although IP phone systems are growing in popularity, a traditional PBX system is still an appropriate fit for some organizations. Our traditional PBX systems are capable of IP functionality to allow the phone system to grow as your communication needs grow.

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IP-PBX Phone Systems

Today, many Wisconsin businesses are looking to integrate their PBX with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony. UCC's virtual PBX (IP PBX) phone systems combined with VoIP phone service, allows you to integrate voice and data networks into a single system which will help reduce phone costs, and improve overall functionality of your phone system.
If you have an existing PBX system, you may have the ability to upgrade to an IP-PBX phone system at a minimal cost.   << I'd like a free IP-PBX phone system quote

What are the benefits of an IP-PBX System?

Reduces phone costs

Eliminates hardware

Add new phones to your business network quickly and easily

Easier to install, configure and maintain than a proprietary phone system

Reduces costs by using a VoIP provider for long distance calls




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